About Anand

Straightforward businessman / playful collaborator

“I like to strip things down to their core. That is what makes me me*. While I do recognize the intricacies of complex issues - their location and additional challenges - I have no problem using my commercial gaze while deconstructing these processes. That is why people choose to work with me.”

*Other things that make me 'me'


The above statement might sound a bit harsh, but does capture my commercial vision. But opposite of this directness is a person that is open and vulnerable, and not afraid to show this side of himself to participants. In essence these values might seem incompatible, but transparency and honesty are commonplace. These elements are of great importance to me; without it I cannot function.


To me, transparency cannot be achieved without plain language: in communication, but also with regards to the complex matters I am asked to deal with. I translate these matters to something imaginable, something that excites and offers new possibilities.


I always look to balance expertise and play - that is where progress is made! Because this requires an open mind, this can lead to confrontational situations and even evoke intense emotions... But these are requisites to move forward! By starting with this balance, we can achieve more and give new zing to the learning process.

The numbers & The Projects

If you like facts, check the numbers and names associated with my work below, or consult my LinkedIn profile for more information.

Vion Food, PNO Consultants, DHL Parcel, ABN AMRO, EY, AIMS International


  • LMS/LXP platforms designed, developed & implemented: 4

  • SAAS-contracts and SLAs drafted: >25

  • Learning Academy Frameworks: >15

  • Courses (co)developed: 300

  • Academies assessed: >25

Themes covered

  • Culture-and leadership programmes

  • Onboarding

  • Travel

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management Cycle

  • Succession Management

  • International- and multilingual academieo with over 5000 users


  • Merana Multimedia - small business alongside Business Economics study
  • iLearn - LCMS start-up - sold in 2016

  • Worked at: Informa plc, tinQwise, University Utrechts, UMC Utrecht