Would you like to develop your substantive expertise from a concept to a successful business model and online product? That is exactly what I do best.

You are experienced and have a vast amount of substantive knowledge. I would not ever doubt that. However, transforming your knowledge to online success requires different skills, such as:

  • Knowledge about digital infrastructure, didactics and marketing;
  • Experience using research findings to inform a plan with a timeline.
  • Coaching and monitoring while constantly looking ahead

By combining our expertise, this partnership will help reduce the workload of your business, and produce more results. Current ventures are listed below. 

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WHO - EQCADEMY is a collaboration between leadership & coaching experts, together with Stokstaart HRD

WHAT - EQCADEMY provided programs for leaders who know their competitive advantage and personal happines depends on EQ skills, not hard skills.

HOW - Only the best internationally certified coaches with extensive experience combine personal coaching with online consistent behavioural change programs.

WHYIn this highly digital world, hard skills are easy to learn, almost for free. But people struggle with the change and demands this new world brings. 

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Launching in Q1 2022

WHO - The top 10 very best marketing and communication experts of the Benelux together with Stokstaart HRD.

WHAT - This Academy aims to help the new generation of senior marketeers with bringing their personal development to a higher level. We want to facilitate their education in a way that transcends superficial approaches, and instead delves deeper.

HOW - We are not about tools, but about communicating a holistic view on marketing! We challenge you on how you can translate your core values into a business strategy and communication plan.

WHY - This Academy notices the field of marketing is eroding. We want to help rebuild it. We want to educate the new generation of elite level marketeers, and train them thoroughly in a holistic approach to marketing.

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